Our Services

Residential Care

 Believing that a person’s recovery is strongly influenced by his immediate surroundings, we provide the finest in residential sober living. Our 14-bed facility provides a supportive, structured environment that balances cooperative and independent living skills. Residents are accountable for maintaining sobriety (we conduct drug testing), meeting curfews, completing household chores, attending weekly house meetings and for fulfilling other requirements that teach accountability and responsibility. Independent Living Skills (budgeting, grocery shopping & cooking, etc.) are taught through groups and individual instruction. 

Employment Services

 Assuring that the individuals have the means to support themselves is fundamental to preventing a relapse and homelessness. The Genesis Mission provides job readiness training, job search skills, and most importantly actual employment. The majority of our residents are employed through a partnership with a local warehouse that partners with us to provide entry-level jobs to our residents. We provide transportation to the workplace, and residents contribute a portion of their earnings to support the cost of living at Genesis Mission. 

Community Service